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Garmin GPS Edge 530 Bundle 010-02060-11
  • Garmin GPS Edge 530 Bundle 010-02060-11
  • Garmin GPS Edge 530 Bundle 010-02060-11
  • Garmin GPS Edge 530 Bundle 010-02060-11

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Garmin GPS Edge 530 Bundle

Brand - Garmin

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Edge 530 Sensor Bundle

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By buying this product you can collect up to 15 point points. Your cart will total 15 points that can be converted into a voucher of €2.25.

GPS-enabled mapping cyclocomputer with performance and MTB metrics

  • Performance dynamics monitoring provides information on VO2 max, recovery, Training Load, heat and altitude acclimatization, nutrition, hydration and more1
  • Safety features 2 include a new alarm, messaging and Group tracking, Incident Detection and compatibility with rearview radar and Varia™ lights, to see and be seen
  • Includes the Garmin Cycle Map that supports route functions with popularity-based routes, which also helps you get around as if you were local, plus route recalculation if you're off-route and the ability to return to the beginning; Trailforks map is integrated on the mountain bike model, including trail difficulty ratings
  • Customization with free apps, widgets and data fields from Connect IQ™ Store
  • MTB Dynamics records the number of jumps, length and time in suspension, as well as grit, which measures trail difficulty, and Flow, which assesses ride consistency so you get a score to improve for your next ride
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours with GPS; extended to 40 hours with optional power pack Garmin Charge™ or in power-saving mode

Who is the Edge 530 GPS cyclocomputer intended for, offering performance dynamics monitoring and detailed data to help you improve? You. So whether you're climbing the podium, qualifying for Kona, pedaling on dirt, loving asphalt, an urban cyclist or somewhere in between, Edge 530 is ready to be your new teammate.

Increase the pace of your training

Edge 530 offers more than just data collection, with detailed information about performance dynamics that help you beat your personal records. Learn how your body is able to withstand different environments with acclimatization to heat and altitude1. Get notifications during your workout when it's time to hydrate or eat. Find out if your most recent workout was balanced in terms of endurance, thresholds, and high-intensity efforts. When paired with compatible sensors, Edge 530 now displays your power curve, comparing your pedaling effort to previous weeks and months. Regardless of where you train, you can sync structured workouts from TrainingPeaks™ and Garmin Connect™ directly to your Edge. You can also view your next workout for the week and seamlessly start it when needed.

Take Your Training to the Next Level

Pedal safely

Whether you're training with friends or just riding to work, Edge 530 takes your safety seriously. It allows group messaging and Group Tracking, so you can stay in touch even when you're separated from your team2. It also has incident detection capabilities that automatically sends your location to emergency contacts in the event of an incident. For added awareness, pair Edge 530 with our rearview radar and Vario lights so you can see and be seen. And the new PIN-protected bike alarm will alert you on your smartphone and from the Edge if your bike is moved while you make a stop.

Ride with Confidence

Tackle every curve

Edge 530 is preloaded with Garmin Cycle Map and includes turn-by-turn directions and street name detail, and navigation alerts that warn you as dangerous turns approach on your route. To help you ride with confidence, the popularity-based routes feature chooses roads and trails favored by other cyclists. Edge 530 is also capable of returning you to the route or the starting point should you deviate from it or decide to return home early. With a route calculation speed 2 times faster than previous models, you'll spend more time riding without having to wait.

Navigate Every Turn

Explore new trails

If you need a change of scenery, Edge 530 is the perfect guide for mountain biking excursions. Start by downloading the free Trailforks app from our Connect IQ Store and then unlock the Trailforks map content on your Edge via a wizard. With trails in more than 80 countries, Trailforks includes the best and most up-to-date information, including trail conditions, popularity maps, and more. If you stop at metà route, the new Forksight mode automatically displays subsequent forks and shows the context in which you are within a trail network. During the ride, Edge 530 tracks important details with new MTB metrics, such as number of jumps, length, and time in suspension. Other MTB features include Grit, which assesses the difficulty of a trail using elevation, accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors, and Flow, which assesses ride uniformity so you get a baseline score for your next ride.

Tame the Trails

Scale like a pro

Climbing can become your secret weapon with Edge 530 and the new ClimbPro feature. During a climb, it automatically shows the incline and climb remaining when you follow a route. It shows you how much more you have to suffer, helping you gauge your effort on the rest of the ride.

Climb Like a Pro


Pair an Edge cyclocomputer with a supported SHIMANO STEPS eBike system and it displays a dedicated eBike status screen, data fields, system status information, and warning messages. In addition to Edge metrics such as time, distance, and speed, you can also view the level of pedaling assistance, gear position, battery life, and distance still to go during a ride.


Customize your device

Only Garmin allows you to customize your device with free apps, widgets, and data fields from the Connect IQ Store. Apps such as AccuWeather MinuteCast let you know when it will stop raining and pinpoint the ideal time for your next workout. If you plan your rides on sites like Strava, Komootoor Wikiloc, download these apps so you can import your favorite routes directly to your Edge. Or, if you are looking for a nearby bar or bike store, use the Yelp app to download their locations and reach them directly using your Edge device.

Customize Your Device

  • Edge 530
  • Standard bracket
  • Front bracket
  • Speed sensor
  • Cadence sensor
  • Heart rate strap
  • Safety strap
  • USB cable
  • Documentation

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